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Treatortreatex Letter


Dear Author, thank you for checking my letter. These are the fandoms of my heart.
I prefer romance, but friendship is okay too. Just please don't make them hate each other or anything like that. Also nsfw is great if you want to write it (if not, fine too)

1. Bungou Stray Dogs
☆Akutagawa Ryuunosuke x Nakajima Atsushi x Dazai Osamu (my ot3♥)

-Smut where Akutagawa being spoiled rotten by both of them,
-canon storyline but the three of them get into relationship somehow. How does it happen and what is altered because of it?
-everyone in port mafia au,
-mafia boss Dazai and his two subordinates (or harem!) vying for his attention
-Akutagawa joins the armed detective agency AU.
-For more fluffy prompt how about how their domestic life is, trying to share the love equally between them etc.
-Omegaverse with ot3 alpha!Dazai x omega!Akutagawa x omega!Atsushi.
-any fluff, smut, ot3 soulmate au, forced marriage au.
-the three of them grew up in the same orphanage au.

-mafia boss Dazai kidnapping Atsu as his pet tiger (forced to keep his tiger ears and tail?collar?yes please!) And Aku is his daily caretaker who falls in love with him. Happy ot3 ending though please.
-Noncon between the three of them. Maybe Atsushi helps Akutagawa to capture Dazai and has their way with him for being a bad senpai? Some interrogation using noncon as torture? Or anyway you want to write it.
-The three of them dealing with Dazai's suicide attempt.
-Triple Suicide
-One of them commit suicide and the other two dealing with it. Please no double suicide and leaves just 1 person behind.
Do not want: Chuuya/Dazai, sad ending, character death except for suicide plotline.

☆Dazai Osamu x Edogawa Ranpo

-Dazai and Ranpo going on a mission together, cracking case in secluded faraway village or something :3
-For staple trope I like soulmate au and forced marriage au.

-Ranpo dealing with Dazai's suicide attempts.
-What if Ranpo never met Fukuzawa and he broke down because of people not understanding him, and Dazai found him? Either mafia Dazai or Agency Dazai is fine, however you can make it work.
-mafia boss!Dazai kidnapping and keeping Ranpo as a pet :3 (he'd probably can't get back home even if he's kept in a non locked house) noncon is fine. Maybe Dazai gives him interesting case files from around the world to keep him from being bored? And lbr if he's kept with steady stream of sweets he'd probably not want to leave. Also Dazai would totally shower him with praises. And Dazai using praises to persuade him using his skill to help mafia with investigation, traitors, police etc. Also Akutagawa running errand to buy sweets for Ranpo (probably will delegate to Higuchi, but...)
Do not want: Chuuya/Dazai,character death,sad ending.

2. Cardfight!! Vanguard
☆Sendou Aichi

Ps: I'd love genderbent!girl!Aichi but boy!Aichi will be great too

Something smutty with Ren or Kai... or both 👌👌

Something with these tropes (preferably with unnamed ocs):
-public use

3. Mushishi
☆Ioroi Shinra x Ginko

-Travelling together
-Ginko staying for extended period of time in Shinra's house

-Shinra dealing with being persecuted and exiled because of his ability. Modern au will be interesting for this too.
-Arranged marriage. Shinra somehow needed to be married to Ginko. Would love the emphasize of the horror of being married to someone Shinra doesn't know and defloweration.